Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014 - Circles

This rock called to me today.  When I went to look, I saw that different lichen had formed, lived, and died, leaving behind a circular pattern.  Nature loves circles, doesn't she?  I think all of creation--everything--loves circles.  Incense smoke curls around and around in circular clouds.  On a calm day, fire will always spread out in a circular pattern.  Water circles around and around as it rushes down a drain.  And the Earth herself is a great circle who loves to repeat her favorite pattern over and over.  Birds build circular nests, and animals turn in circles before settling down for sleep.  Seashells and snails, mushroom fairy rings, rainbows, eggs, and everything.  They all love that round arch, that graceful sway of momentum, up and down and around and around. And far away up in space, another rock circles and circles around the Earth, dancing in an eternal embrace.  The whole of our existence is spinning and spinning, as if to say over and over, "I am!"

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