Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4, 2014 - Clouds

I always thought when I was little, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bounce up and down on the clouds?  I would bounce from cloud to cloud, my feet never touching the ground.  Then when I grew tired, I would fall backward and a puffy, soft cloud would catch me.  I trusted completely that the cloud would catch me, and then I could rest in feathery bliss until it was time to jump from cloud to cloud again.  And wouldn't it be great, I wondered, if we could take a nibble of a cloud here and there?  I imagined that they would be soft and sugary-sweet like cotton candy.  Many days as a child I lay in the green grass looking up at the clouds, talking about their shapes, wondering about their taste, and fantasizing about the softest and largest trampolines ever.  I suppose there are worse ways to spend a day.

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