Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014 - Bones

Do not be afraid of me!  Do not recoil when you see me.  Do not avert your eyes.  Do not run away.  When I was in the physical land of the living--that is, when my body was animated--I was a deer.  I ran in the forests and drank from the streams.  I ate flowers and shrubbery.  I frolicked with my friends.  I delighted in feeling the sun on my back, the wind in my fur, the rain on my face, and the earth on my hooves.  But then I died.  It was my time to go.  I stumbled on a rock outcrop and fell into the ocean.  I was swept away so quickly, and there I drowned.  Then the ocean brought me back to the land and placed me in this corner of the cove.  Small animals, insects, bacteria, and fungi have already been here and taken what they needed.  Now my bones wait to slowly disappear.  The ocean will make quick work of me.

I am not filled with sorrow but, instead, peace.  I lived a good and free life.  I was happy and filled with the joy and energy of the Sun.  I participated in everything the universe had to offer me, and I still participate in a way.  Life still goes on for many other animated creatures, and parts of me go with them.  The essence of who I was--the essence of the deer--that is still with me and always will be.  That which invokes the experience of being a deer is still a part of me and every other deer that ever existed or will exist.  I still run with the herd because I am the herd.  Do not cry for me, for I am free.