Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014 - Adolescent Ents

Meanwhile, back in the pitch pine forest, two trees have taken up residency.  They look to be about the same age and are growing right near one another.  I can't help but think there is communication between the two, and it is anyone's guess what must have happened to skew the growth of the tree on the left.  It occurs to me that these two could be adolescent Ents.  And why not?  I have never seen an adolescent Ent, much less a baby Ent.  They have to begin somewhere, just like all of us.  I highly doubt they are mobile as babies, or else we'd all see little Ents running everywhere.  And since we don't see little Ents running anywhere at all, it leads one to believe that they are not mobile when they are very young.  If they were, we would have seen something by now due to the notoriously bizarre temperament of the Ents.  The adults simply could not have kept them under wraps this long.  No, I think they gain mobility at a certain age . . . but when?  That's the question.  The disobedient brat on the left obviously ignored curfew, and to her own peril, it seems.  Ah, fickle Ents.

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