Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13, 2014 - Transformers

I found this old tree stump covered in quartz crystals, and they were not placed there by me.  Maine is a rock and mineral rich state, and crystals and gems are easy to come by.  However, they are not usually found on old tree stumps in the middle of the woods.  If you look closely, you can see that the bark has pulled away from the inner wood, marking this stump as being fairly old.  Upon closer inspection, you will see that new shoots are now growing up out of this dead stump.  I might have expected that for the first several years after the cutting but not at this stage.  I have deduced that new growth in this old "dead" tree is a direct result of the quartz crystals.

Quartz is extremely abundant on the Earth.  Its structure--silicon dioxide--has piezoelectric potential.  So when heat, pressure, or impact is applied, the electrons begin to jump from their orbit and release a mild electrical charge, which can be harnessed.  It is an oscillating vibration that is constant and accurate and is used for radios, computer chips, and watches.  Because of our understanding of quartz, we have been able to create lasers, ultrasound, television, etc., all fascinating but lifeless technology.

But I wonder . . . as the sun shines its blessed heat upon the quartz on the stump, what magic might be taking place?  It is the woodland fairies who the know the secrets of the crystals, and it is their job to tend to the prana--the life force--in this forest.  Every day they teach me something new.

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