Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014 - Gods

Ancient man looked up to the heavens and saw gods.  The sun beat down its hot energy, the rains cooled it off, the clouds brought the lightning, and the wind brought the changes.  He stared and pointed at the sky, exclaiming at the powerful omens he saw.  He envisioned battles in the sky, battles between darkness and light, and then he mimicked them in his own life.  When he needed guidance, he looked to the sky and petitioned the deities.  When he was sorrowful, he sent his burnt offerings to the sky.  When he was fearful, he turned a cautious eye to the happenings above.  And the gods responded.  One way or another, an answer always came.  Is it no wonder ancient man did this?  Should we call him primitive?  Shall we speak of the foolishness of ancient man?  Or should we look up as well and avail ourselves to the unending beauty and mystery just above our own heads?  Look up, young friends.  Make your petitions.  The answer always comes.

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