Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18, 2014 - Veils

Ah, the veil of fog is upon us.  Most people think fog is just a cloud of water droplets near the Earth that limits visibility.  Certainly, that can be true at times.  But there is another kind of fog, a fog that acts as a veil.  When this veil descends, portals open to other dimensions and realities.  Creatures can easily hop from one world to another, and the thicker the fog, the easier the transition.  Fairies use fog extensively, but so do other magical creatures.  What saddens me is that there was a time when humankind used the fog as well.  In those days, contact with other worlds was frequent, and our priorities were dramatically different because our knowledge included much more than just the physical plane one now exclusively sees.  These days, hardly anyone knows the true nature of fog or how to make the transition from one world to another.  Listen for the clanking bells in the distance.  Follow them.  They call you.

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