Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10, 2014 - Fairy Construction

I heard a bit of a ruckus in the woods--some pounding, rustling, and a bit of flute music--and thought I might investigate.  I crept up ever so quietly, but just as I was about to peak my head out from around a large boulder, my foot stumbled on a small rock.  Instantly, as if by magic, the woods went quiet.  I stepped out quickly and not a fairy was to be found, but . . . I did find this bit of construction.  It seems they had enough time to personally vanish but not enough time to hide their work.  What a find!  It's ingenious, really.  Thin saplings are bent in half in a loop shape.  Each end is buried into the ground, probably by at least a foot, I would imagine.  This sets out the "ribs" of the building.  Then thinner branches are woven in and out of the ribs.  Obviously, I caught them in mid-construction of the shell.  I'm certain they would have finished it off with quite a bit of leaves, greenery, fallen pine boughs, moss, and possibly even a rock-like veneer in places.  It makes me wonder just how many of these finished dwellings I have passed by and never even saw.  I am getting closer.  They cannot hide from me forever.  Run fairies, but you cannot hide.

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