Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014 - Dandelion Wishes

It’s no surprise that the dandelion is the flower of wishes, and if you wish on it correctly, your wish will come true.  Wishes are strange, aren’t they?  Some are good and some are bad.  Many crop up in our minds or our hearts and we don’t even know it, which is why we must be careful what we wish for, you see.  Be certain of the things you want, and know your own heart.  All it takes is the faintest breeze and a tiny wish escapes, and then another and another and another.  The wishes, like the flower seeds, take off in millions of directions, floating upon the air and sometimes traveling for many miles.  They land without anyone being the wiser, and there they find fertile soil and grow.  Be assured that they will always grow, whether you know that you had the wish or not.

So guard your wishes like precious gems.  Gently pull up the dandelion and close your eyes.  Make your wish, and if it comes from the heart, so much the better.  Then blow your breath of life on the dandelion, turning it every which way and blowing until there are no seeds left.  Do not leave even one.  Watch the seeds as they fly off in the air, but then turn around quickly as you must not watch them land.  These are the rules of the dandelion wish, and who am I to disobey them?  Rest assured, my love, that they will always grow.

Dandelion wish seeds.

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