Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12, 2014 - Sociable Tree

I was hiking up a small mountain and was feeling rather tired when I heard a deep yet soft voice say, "Hello."  I turned around and saw nothing at first, until I used my other vision and that's when I saw this tree.  Just at the moment when I was wishing for a seat, don't you know that this extremely large branch dipped low to the ground.  "You look tired," he said, "Why not have a seat?"  The branch part that was closest to the trunk was just at about hip level and made a perfect seat.  When I sat in it, the farther end of the branch popped up ever so slightly to slide me down and snuggle me in closer to the trunk.  I thought it rather forward behavior of the tree, but I didn't want to be rude in case this was normal interaction for trees in this neck of the woods.  Trees in my own woods are much more reserved.  And after all, I really was tired and needed to sit.

So I sat and drank some water from my canteen.  Rather belatedly, I poured a bit at the base of the tree.  "Mmmm, thank you," he said.  We sat in silence for a long time as I caught my breath and then lazily swung my legs back and forth.  I told him that I thought his part of the forest was very nice, and I do believe I felt a bit of a shiver in response.  He never spoke another word, but it was time for me to leave anyhow.  I murmured a goodbye, put one arm around the trunk as I slid down, patted him, and then walked away.  As I rounded the bend just past the tree, I saw two squirrels up on a large rock.  I got the distinct impression that they were pointing at me as I passed them, and I could have sworn I heard one call me a "tree hugger."  Squirrels are like that, though.  Quite odd little creatures, really.

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