Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014 - Lazy Days

What a lazy day.  I couldn't muster up the gumption even to go fairy hunting, it was that lazy of a day.  And anyone who knows me knows that's saying something.  For once, it was okay to just be lazy.  It occurs to me that humans never allow themselves to do that.  Oh, they take "time off," but they never just do nothing.  They do "extra" work.  Or they force a busy schedule of "fun" onto themselves and everyone around them.  Or they become lazy but cringe with incredible guilt and "pay for it" later.  Or they become lazy and then hate themselves for it.  Animals are different from us.  They take every opportunity to be as lazy as possible, and they absolutely love it.  There's no guilt, no "I could or I should," no paying for it later.  When they have the opportunity to lie in the sun or lounge under a shade tree, they gratefully take it.  Yes, there are times when they have to hunt or run or search for food or water, and when they have to do these things, they do them uncomplainingly.  They also relax uncomplainingly.  We could take a lesson from them.  Enjoy this lazy view of Days Cove in Damariscotta, Maine, one of my favorite places.

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