Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22, 2014 - Little Pansy


Now that all the other garden flowers drip their colors on the landscape
And the exotic birds preen and dart about with stunning feathers
And the humming insects hover with steely wings and sweet pollen,
Are you still mine?

Now that the air is perfumed with hypnotic fragrances
And the wind caresses your face and hair with scented kisses
And the sound of chimes lulls you into a dreamer’s world,
Are you still mine?

Now that the summer sun warms your skin with a soft embrace
And the light shimmers between the leaves and tickles your eyes
And the greenery swells and promises soft and dewy escape,
Are you still mine?

Little pansy, sweetest heart of my heart
There is none so bright, so stunning, so sweet or perfumed,
So soft or kind or dewy as you.
You were the first to bring back the love and adorn the land.
You were the first to fulfill the promise of life renewed.
I will always be yours.

Pretty little pansy

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