Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1, 2014 - Sheepish

I was watching these sheep in a field today, thinking that sheep have gotten quite an unfair and undeserved reputation.  Often when people use the term "sheep," they are referring to someone who is docile, complacent, afraid, and easily controlled.  It is a disparaging word when used to describe a person.  However, upon further reflection, I would like it known that I would be flattered if someone were to call me a sheep because, for me, it would mean so many wonderful things.  A sheep is gentle and kind, not because it is stupid but because it is born gentle and kind and knows no other way.  A sheep is friendly and calm.  A sheep is happy and appreciative of its surroundings, no matter what those surroundings might be.  A sheep is well-adapted to its environment, enjoying a rich coat of beautiful wool in the winter.  A sheep is generous, sharing its rich coat of wool with us in the summer, only to grow another that it might give yet again.  A sheep eats simply and has very few needs.  But above all--above all--a sheep is peaceful.  Serenity is its nature and its very being.  I should be very proud, indeed, if someone were to refer to me as a sheep.

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