Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014 - Reishi/Lingzhi Mushroom

The Reishi/Lingzhi mushroom is a miraculous fungus that grows wild around here.  It has a long history (over 2,000 years) in Asia of promoting health and longevity.  In the U.S. it is used as an anti-cancer medicine, especially anti-metastasis, and it shows real promise against this disease.  Reishi/Lingzhi is currently in high demand as it takes many months for the fruiting bodies to grow.  Therefore, I think I will keep my patch a secret.

Of course, it’s well known around these parts that fairies have been using these mushrooms for a very long time, hence their longevity.  They know how to use all the secret things of the woods, and they have no need for the modern pharmacopeia.  I already make many of my own simple medicines and cures, and I get the feeling they like that because they know I respect natural cures.  If there’s anything a fairy hates, it’s a “modern medicine man” (you can read between the lines there) turning up his nose at their “primitive” treatments.  When a rapport has been firmly established, I will begin studying their medicines and tonics.  Until that time, I have no choice but to rely on “modern” understanding of such mushrooms/herbs and my own instinct.  My own instinct hasn’t served me wrong yet, so I shall always turn there first.

Reishi/Lingzhi mushroom

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