Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14, 2014 - Beach Rose

The Maine beach rose, called "Rugosa," is an invasive species by which we are proud to be invaded.  They're not much to look at, but the fragrance is incomparable to any other rose, so intense and wonderful it is.  They are opening up now everywhere I look, and they don't mind the saltwater or salt air at all.  In fact, they thrive on it.  The air is completely and dramatically perfumed with rose, and it lulls the senses and plays tricks on the mind.  Once Rugosa has taken hold, it will not leave the premises.  And that is a good thing.

"Close your eyes!" the rose commanded me.  I did as I was told since I was in an adventurous mood anyhow.  That, and why take chances with magical creatures?  And then it hit me full force.  The scent of rose was so powerful, I was almost knocked backward, but I was able to keep my eyes closed.  I drifted into a delicate pink envelope and laid my head down on the softest of feather beds.  A blanket of the purest Maine alpaca fur draped lazily over me.  Such luxury!  I knew in that moment life was truly good.

"The eyes can lie," she said, "and they are easily fooled.  Do not fall victim to their prejudice.  It is the other senses that will lead you to the truth."  She was right.  The quest continues.

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