Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 4, 2015 - The Scent of Rain

I love when a storm first starts to roll in and that certain scent hits the air.  Not everyone can smell it.  If you say, “I smell rain” to most people, they’ll look at you a bit oddly.  But I can definitely smell it, and it changes as it comes closer.  It gets that heady, intoxicating scent to it.  Oh, yes, it’s definitely going to rain.

It starts with a musky kind of scent, and the air feels different, too, more alive somehow.  There’s a tingling sensation on the skin.  Even the pores on my face can sense that water is coming.  As the storm gets closer, the scent gets stronger.  Things start to smell very “earthy.”  My eyes start to feel different, too, and I don’t blink quite as much.  Perhaps they know that moisture is on its way.

There's a storm rolling in.

Then the wind starts blowing and the trees all turn their leaves upward so they can catch as much rain as possible when it falls.  The temperature drops and an anticipation lingers in the air.  The scent is beautiful and almost overwhelming.  Then we’re waiting and waiting and waiting . . . and suddenly, bam!  The skies open up and the water pours forth!  The trees start wildly dancing, and a collective, “Ahhh!” can be heard from all of nature.

Afterward, everything is greener, and not just because it has been watered but because it has also been washed.  All the dust of the day (or several days) is washed away, and everything looks brand new and pure.  The plant life plumps up, and when the flowers recover, their color is even more brilliant.  The animals and the insects and the people all sigh with contentment.

Then it’s over and the cycle begins again.

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