Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015 - Formless Water

There’s no talking allowed down at the waterfall.  You could try if you want, but no one will hear you.  The Water demands your utmost attention, and any rivals are drowned out or simply drowned, whichever is most expedient.  The story is a tale that the Water never grows tired of telling, and when she tells it, she says it very loudly.

A long time ago when the Master of Final Forms was giving each creature and element its ultimate expression, Water had a tiny voice.  She was always being crowded out by the other forms.  Gold insisted on a form of radiant beauty, and wherever she walked, she was hypnotically adored.  Wood insisted on hardness with a secret energy hidden inside that could only be unlocked by one who had learned the secrets of fire.  Earth insisted on a malleable nature but with the ability to be a firm foundation for all.  Fire insisted on an ethereal form that could only manifest by consuming the energy of others.  Even air had a form.  Although it could not be seen, it had a powerful push when desired and was a vital part of every living thing.

Water on another of her rages.

And so it went.  All things and creatures clamored to get their final form:  birds and beasts, insects and fish, man and the physical world around him.  The Master of Final Forms had asked them all to stand in line, but they were too rowdy to do so, and so the loudest and pushiest of them got taken care of first.  Down the line it went until there was nothing left except the Water.  With a timid voice Water asked for a beautiful form, but the Master of Final Forms did not hear her.  He was exhausted and so he left, taking his work table with him and closing the Akashic room.

As soon as he left, Water tumbled down to the Earth because she had nowhere else to go.  She fell without a form and landed in a huge basin that the Earth had created.  This gave her form, but she was sad because she knew it was the form of the Earth and she was only borrowing it.  The Earth told her that it was okay to borrow it and Water gave her thanks, but she was still sad.  When she finished being sad, she became angry, and this suited her much better.

She raged through any form she could find, screaming as she went, telling everyone of what had befallen her.  So loud was Water, that when she was in one of her rages, nothing else could be heard.  Her waves crashed everywhere, the sound deafening and promising of no mercy.  All the other forms saw Water’s rage.  At first they disdained her, but when she sent a rogue wave in to destroy the naysayers, they developed a quick fear and grudging respect for her.

But no matter how much she cried, no one could give Water a final form.  By the time the Master of Final Forms realized what had happened, Water had already gone on a rampage destroying many of his forms.  Because of this, he left Water without a form, and this is why Water still must get its form from other vessels and must cooperate to some extent in order to do so.  But don’t ever take her for granted, and don’t ever try to speak above her or she will drown you out quickly.  Respect with a bit of distance is advised when she surges through yet another of her endless rages.

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