Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015 - For Kindness

There’s only one reason something like this is done, and that’s kindness.  Somewhere someone decided to do something nice.  It would have been easier to just put some flowers in along the edge of a house or a fence.  It would have been easier to just plant a lawn and mow over the area.  It would have been easier to ignore it altogether.  It certainly would have been more practical to plant fruit and vegetables.


But that’s not what someone did.  Whoever it was, thought about it.  She went out and found an old antique bicycle that she thought really had some style to it.  Then she found the perfect baskets and lined them with peat moss and attached them to the bicycle.  Then she filled the baskets with dirt, bought some flowers, and planted them.  During the times when there was not enough rain, she snuck down to the baskets and watered them.  She made sure no weeds were growing in them.  She made sure everything was stable and strong.

Then the flowers grew and exploded into color along the side of an old country road, where not many people go.  And for what?  What could possibly be the reason to do this kind of planning and work?  Kindness.  The love of beauty.  A gift.

Driving down an old country road, my thoughts awash in all the troubles of the day, someone gave me a beautiful little gift that I can never repay.  Do kind things for one another, whether it’s flowers, food, music, or a smile.  These gifts are priceless and will last in the heart of the receiver long after the actual act is done and gone.  Be kind.

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