Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30, 2015 - Painting Maine

It’s as though an artist came through the shores of Maine with a brush and lightly swished it across the sky, placing wispy clouds.  Then she dipped it in white paint and placed quartz stones all amid the granite.  A tiny sailboat in the background was added as an afterthought.  Next she went to green and black and put some seaweed here and there.  Then she chiseled the pine trees into the horizon, covering some of the stone she had placed.  The rocks she made with shades of gray and bits of iron ore that splashed a rust color in random spots.

The artist's canvas.

First came the blue, though.  She mixed it in slightly different shades and painted the ocean and sky.  Somehow, even though they’re both blue, she made sure we could tell where the ocean ended and the sky began.  A dark line differentiates the two, but it’s also a matter of texture.  She put in the waves of the water and breathed secret currents into the air.  Somehow the sky caught them and distributed them subtly so that we would have the feeling of great expanse and open space.

And as quickly as she came, she left.  There were so many more paintings to make.  There were forests and glens, hidden animals, lush pastures, and secret meadows.  All were clamoring for the artist’s brush.  Yet barely does she finish, when it is time to come through once again and paint us all into autumn.

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