Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015 - The First Principle - Truth

The First Principle must be Truth.  Yes, above all, Truth must be first and must reign supreme above everything.  Truth is the First Principle we come to, and we can come to no other principle unless and until we come to Truth.  This is the beginning of awakening.  This is where we make a stand.

Truth is constant and immutable.  It cannot be changed to suit tastes or styles.  It cannot be twisted, for when it is, it always springs back to the light of day.  Truth is the foundation of life.  It is what we know is right in our hearts.  It comes in many different forms to different people, but it is always the same Truth.  As Rumi said, “The lamps are different, but the light is the same,” and so it is with Truth.

The Rock.

Truth is unadulterated.  It can be painful, but it is never cruel.  It is direct and definite and piercing.  Truth is the ultimate honesty with oneself.  Truth is the innate knowledge of what is good and wholesome.  Truth does not compromise or make deals.  It does not negotiate, and it does not take hostages.  All who come to Truth come of their own free will.  Truth is unbending and unforgiving because Truth is exactness.

Truth is made known through the ears.  If you have unlocked the First Principle, when that which you hear rings with Truth, you will know it instantly, and when it does not, you will also know that instantly.  Truth only allows honest words to enter your heart.  All other words are held off at its steely gates.  This does not mean that truth is ignorant, rash, proud, or vain.  It does not discount the words of others, but they will not pass and become part of you if they are not true.

When you have Truth, real Truth, of the world around you, of the inner workings of life, of what is good and pure, then you have the Rock.  When you have the Rock of Truth, it does not matter how many storms may rage against you.  It does not matter what words may be flung at you.  It does not matter what temptations of dishonesty may be laid at your feet.  The Rock stands firm, and none may pass without permission from Truth.  A thousand armies may come against you, but if you have the Truth, you have the Rock, and all opposing armies must retreat.

Only the pure in heart, with the unwavering steadiness of Truth and the Rock, may read from the grimoire of the Great Alchemist.

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