Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016 - These Days

So these days, they keep passing.  One after another, they go on.  The sun rises; the sun sets.  Every day it’s the same thing, except different in that it is not the day before.  It gets to the point where we don’t even notice them anymore, the days.  They just pass, so we look for the signs instead.  Subconsciously we look, because even the signs keep passing and returning in the same cycle.  They are no different from the days, really.

The lupines are back.  They’ll set the countryside on fire for a few weeks.  Again.  And then they’ll disappear, only to be replaced by the yarrow, which will eventually give way to the flax.  The flax will bow to the asters, and they will fall at the feet of the chrysanthemums. 

The sign of the lupine.
Does it appear that I am bored?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, I am engaged.  I am consoled.  I am made comfortable.  I am given peace.  I have certainty.  In a world that seems to have gone quite insane, I have my signs that appear every day.  I have the same old familiar things I can follow.  They are signposts in the mist.  My signs might be different from another person’s signs.  It all depends on where you live and what captures your attention, but the important thing is that the signs are always there.

They are so important, after all.  I believe that as long as we can find them, as long as we can see them, as long as they continue to appear year after year, it doesn’t matter what insanity the histrionic mainstream media throws at us or what foolishness a society gone quite batty delights in.  We know what is real and what is not.  We know what was, what is, and what will continue to be.  We are not deceived by the tarnished glamor of the spiritual vampires who abound in the news.

Lupines and buttercups, dandelions and red clover.  And then we’ll move on to fields of corn stalks loaded with fat and juicy ears, waiting to be devoured.  There’ll be berries and wheat and pumpkins.  There’ll be deer rutting and snow falling and ice crashing.  There’ll be greyness and gloom and rain.  And the sun.  There will be sun.  We who know the signs will continue to note their arrival and departure, and we will follow them.  And to hell with those who try to erase reality.  We are not deceived.

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