Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016 - Facing the Darkness


I asked the Sun if I could stay with him.
I won’t be too much trouble.
I don’t need much.
“You cannot.”
But I’m lonely in the night.
And the darkness frightens me.
I want to stay with your light.
It will comfort me.
“I travel alone.”
But surely your arms are big enough?
Your chariot lavish enough?
“I am too swift, too fiery.”
But in the dark I feel I might die.
I shiver with fear.
I am naked and blind.
“But you always reach the morning.”
Because you always come.
“Because you always do.”
Just once, can I come with you?
I do not feel brave tonight.
I do not want to face the darkness alone.
“You cannot come with me.”
And with that he left, and the darkness came.
And his words echoed in my mind.
But I did not hear, “You cannot come with me,” in my mind.
I heard, “I cannot come with you.”
It is I, after all, who must face the darkness alone.


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