Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016 - Another Path

It’s easy to start out strong when you make an “official” decision, but it’s not so easy to keep that strength up and stop doubts from creeping in.  No matter how much you’ve gone over the issue, how much you’ve considered the pros and cons, how sure you are in your decision, after the initial momentum has passed, the doubts creep in.

The adventure begins.
I think it’s normal.  I worry about people who don’t have doubts, but it can sure drive you crazy when they creep in.  You might find yourself saying aloud, “We’ve been over this a million times already!”  And then you look around belatedly to make sure that no one has heard you.  Especially since you’re all alone and there’s no “we” to be found, and there you are talking to yourself.  It must be the royal “we.”

It’s just another path.  You get on it and you start going.  There aren’t any maps.  If there were, you’d have found them and you wouldn’t be talking to yourself.  No, you get on the path and you keep walking.  Some parts seem simple; some not so very.  Sometimes the path almost seems to disappear.  That’s when you look back and wonder if you should retrace your steps.  Should you?  If you want to end up where you started, walk back.

A path automatically implies that someone has walked before you.  If no one had been there, there would be no trail.  So trust in that.  Trust in your initial decision, your initial counsel.  There is nothing new under the sun.  This has all been done before.  Stick with the decision even when the doubts creep in, even when the path becomes narrow and it doesn’t seen nearly as well-worn.

There are times when you blaze a new trail and times when you follow a path.  Either way, the choice involves trust.  There just aren’t any maps, but there are always signs.

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