Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 - The Human Spirit

It’s the shining forth of the human spirit.  You couldn’t stop it no matter how hard you tried.  No matter how hard, the human spirit will always shine forth.  In all of its imperfections, its sometimes ugliness, its weaknesses and callousness, its ignorance and selfishness, in the end the human spirit will always shine forth.  And when times are especially low and especially broken and especially filled with terror, that is when the human spirit shines its brightest.

Because you cannot kill the light.  You can douse it temporarily.  You can shield your eyes.  You can ignore it and run from it.  But you cannot extinguish it.  Light is one of the Vital Principles, which means it has no opposite.  Light can drive out the darkness in an instant, but there is nothing that can drive out the light--at all, ever.  Even a single candle can hold itself against the entire horde of darkness in the Universe, and there’s not a thing the darkness can do about it.

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