Friday, June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016 - Relax

Sometimes it’s okay to not know what to do.  It’s okay to see both sides of a story and agree and disagree with them both--at the same time.  We have this thing in us that makes us feel that we always have to be in control of our surroundings as much as possible.  We have to be “on top of it.”  We’ve got to formulate plans and systems and schemes.  How foolish.  As if the world somehow depended on us.

Going with the flow.

And sometimes, no matter how hard we try, everything just blows up right in our faces.  But the thing to remember is that we are free, and as free people we have free choice.  This is such a very precious thing that most of us take for granted if we think about it at all.  Being free means that my choice might not be the same as your choice, and vice versa.  Being free means that not only do I get to choose how I want to live my life, but I also get to choose how I want to feel about your choices.  But I don’t get to choose your choices for you, and I do have to live with the consequences of my own choices.

Little ducks paddle by me on the river.  They’re quite loud and rowdy, and if I didn't know better, I'd say they were speaking directly to me.  They swim easily with the current and they swim easily against it, and they don’t seem to care about it one way or the other.  I imagine that they are saying, “Relax.  Let go.  You were never in control anyway.  Enjoy the ride.”  Or maybe they’re just mad that I’m in one of their sunbathing spots.

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