Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 15, 2016 - The Sun Came Looking For Me

The sun came looking for me today
but he never found me.
I hid beneath a bridge.
I hid within the forest.
I hid beneath a tree.
I watched him through the leaves
that bold and brilliant god
shining gold and heat and light
so majestic.
I searched for his arrogance.
All gods are arrogant.
Surely I would find it.
All great things must preen.
But instead I found a child
looking for his favorite toy
forlorn, unable to find it
sending out a brilliant prayer
with rays that traveled through the universe
head bowed in honesty
praying for his favorite toy.
Hiding beneath a tree
I was wrong about the sun.
I was selfish.
The arrogance was mine.
But unable to cry
He finally slipped behind a cloud
and I was left alone
in foolish darkness.

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