Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11, 2016 - From the Silence

You just have to do what makes you happy, and usually that is some sort of expression of yourself.  We get so caught up in the status quo of fake expression, in what others think we ought to do or in what is prescribed to us by society’s ever-watchful eye.  But if we just turn off all the noise--turn off the TV, turn off the internet, turn off the phone, turn off the iPod--we’re left with just silence.

Breathing in and breathing out.  Can you hear yourself breathe in the silence?  The breath is thunderous.  Eyes dart around quickly, looking for . . . something, looking for something.  Anything.  Anything at all.  What is this thing called “silence”?  There’s nothing whatever to do.  No distractions, no pleasant pastimes.  Just silence.

Ah, but the things that come out of the silence.  Did you ever notice?  It’s all creativity--always.  And purpose.  And goals.  That’s what the silence brings.  It brings self-expression, self-awareness.  It brings a do-it-yourself craft, a clean kitchen, a freshly baked pie, an organized list, a plan of action, a kiss from Nature . . .  The silence always gives birth.  It’s where everything comes from.  Everything.

Which is why every effort is made to be certain that you never go into the silence, to be certain that you never ask the real questions, to be certain that you never find yourself.  Because the moment you do, everything will change.  The moment you do, the thin mirage will come crashing down and smash to smithereens. 

And then you’ll be alone--scared, empty, and alone.  But not for long.  Now that the mirage has fallen, true vision is at last obtained.  We take our empty canvas, vast and wondrous, and we begin to paint our lives.  Don’t be afraid!  There is no one to judge your skills, and there is every reason to believe that you might be wonderful after all, just the way you are.

A little path of stones flanked with marigolds and small flags leads the way to a small lighthouse replica sitting in a sea of green grass, which “grows all around, all around.”  A tulip flag and lobster traps, gull decoys and a pail, buoys and a lobster, a sun symbol and an old stone wall make up the paint on an even older canvas left out back behind the shed.  Who’s to say whether it’s beautiful or not?

We may rightly say it is unsophisticated, but how marvelous, that.

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