Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30, 2016 - Saling to the Dog Star

We are sailing into the days of Sirius, and already I can feel the effects of the Dog Star, although his official appearance is not until July 3--and more about that then.  But it is enough to say that this dog plagues me already, the heat climbing ever upward and scorching the land.  The only relief is to be found in the constant wind at the ocean’s shore.

All aboard for Sirius.

As a cold lover, these are the times for me that are similar to winter storms and blizzards for the heat lovers.  As the sun’s creatures hide in fear indoors from the ice in the winter, so I must stay in the shade or indoors when Sirius is on his way, with my eyes only halfway open, the brilliance being that painful.  These are the days when ambition languishes and dreams are set aside.

The sun takes his time stretching slowly across the sky, exaggerating his importance and being altogether overbearing.  I haven’t the heart to break it to him that his days are numbered, but I doubt he’d believe me if I did.  His days of humility are over for now, as you might have guessed, and from his behavior you would think that he’d never experienced them at all.  But we know better, don’t we?  And soon he will, too.

But that is all a dream for now.  Sirius has not even arrived yet.  The fevers must climb higher still, until love for the Lord of Winter is “kindled” once again.  I will be the one holding the match.

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