Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015 - Weaing-O-The-Green

The ponds are shimmering, and the lily pads are growing and swimming on the surface.  The green grass encircles the pond, and it’s hard to tell where the grass ends and the pond begins and vice versa.  I always miscalculate and end up with wet shoes, no matter how hard I try.  Each time I tell myself that this will be the time I don’t step into the mud and sink up to my knees, and each time I’m wrong.

The grass is still that brilliant paddy green color, which is only seen in the springtime.  Summertime will bring the deep green color, and late summer and fall will bring the tired green color.  But for now, we revel in paddy green as the new pink lily flowers just start to open.  I sometimes wonder if the color seems so brilliant green because the grass is simply bursting with the golden energy of the sun.  Each blade seems to give off a peculiar glow, and that’s called paddy green.

I could have gone closer (since I was already a mess) and taken a nice photo of a lily, but this is about the green.  You’ve heard of the “wearing-o-the-green” at St. Patrick’s Day?  Well, this is Maine’s rendition of the wearing-o-the-green.  Right now, everything is so plump and full.  Let’s rejoice in this brilliance!  We know it won’t last--can’t last--and that makes it all the sweeter.

The paddy green.

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