Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3, 2015 - The Hunt For Maine

If I were to leave the countryside and move to a crowded city area, I would be haunted for the rest of my life by Maine.  I would see her in my dreams.  Around every corner I turned, I would be looking for her green shadows.  I would be listening for her birds, straining to hear their songs.  I would look for the furtive movement of her deer and moose, only to be impoverished and starved by their loss.  Alas, in vain I would search for her earthy scent until I perished.

But I am a hunter and I hunt for Maine and I cannot do anything else.  I am mesmerized by Maine.  I am in love with her bounty.  I am awed by her beauty.  I am left speechless by her natural wonders.  I am made humble by her vast rivers and lakes.  I am subdued by the treacherous cliffs of her shores.  I am enslaved by her uncharted and untouched territories--wild, terrible, and free. 

I am poisoned with her, the Mistress Maine.  I am addicted to her, the beguiling green princess.  I am obsessed with her fruited fields.  I am infatuated by her woodland promises.  I am completely enraptured by her savage wildness.  I am lost in the depths of her mists.  I am drowned gladly in her abundance.  I am hopelessly . . . helplessly . . . drawn by her endlessly . . .

The hunt for the elusive princess continues . . .

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