Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2, 2015 - The Sound of Grey

The relentless onslaught of rain and cold continues and forms a June that looks more like an October, save for the colorful leaves.  In fact, there is very little color when the weather takes on this tone.  The green lushness we should be experiencing is muted by the absence of the Sun King.

It is not only our vision that is assaulted by the greyness, but our hearing as well.  Can we “hear” grey?  I submit that we can.  I think colors have sounds to them, but we get so caught up in the sight of them that we pay no attention to their sound.  Once again, our other senses and sensibility are dulled or completely overshadowed by the sense of sight.  Sleight of hand reigns supreme when vision rules the world because the glamor and glitz of it all is so provocative and enticing.  Rest assured that the denizens of other worlds know this only too well.

The eyes of grey hold fathomless secrets.

How does “grey” sound?  With grey, it is not what we hear but what we do not hear that counts the most.  We are bereft of the buzzing of happy insects.  We are abandoned by the calls of the birds, save for those of prey.  The soft and sleek whispers of the wind in the leaves have been taken captive and placed in a dungeon.  Everywhere, there is a dulled and muted feeling, and a great longing builds in our bodies as it searches in vain for the sounds of the other colors.  We are hungry.

Grey is commanding and domineering.  Grey withholds sentiment.  Grey is furtive and secretive.  It plots and plans while revealing nothing.  It is the ultimate poker player, one whom you do not wish to bet against.  What has it done with the rest of the world?  Looking into the eyes of grey, I receive no answers, only a reflection of myself.

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