Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015 - Magic of the Bath

It’s bath day today, and the world is getting washed again.  All the errant pollen, the dust particles and dirt, the droppings of insects and birds, all of it is washed away.  Everything is made clean and new again.  After it’s over, the vegetation will become plumper and fuller, the leaves will become even greener, and the brilliantly stunning colors of the flowers will stand out even more.  Everything will be brand new again because that’s what water does.  It washes the old away and brings in the new.

When we go outside after the rain, when the sun has returned, we are always dazzled by the freshness of it all.  The scent alone makes us swoon.  How could we have missed that tiny but brilliant little buttercup?  How could we have passed by that hawthorne bush without seeing the pale blush in the flowers?  How could we have walked by that lush patch of blue fescue?  Were we blind before?  No, but somehow the rain has reminded us of every blade of grass as if it were its own miracle.

All transgressions removed.

I heard once somewhere long ago that our bodies give off certain chemicals in our sweat, and those chemicals depend upon our moods.  Certain chemicals are associated with anger, others with hatred, some with sorrow, and still more with love and happiness, etc.  When the sweat dries, the chemicals remain on our skin and can continue to affect us subtly for good or for bad for a long time to come.  Even long after our situation has changed, we can be affected in an almost subconscious way by the lingering naturally exuded chemicals on our skin.

But we can do what nature does to renew ourselves.  We can go into the water.  A shower is a good thing, but a bath is divine.  This is not about getting clean, although that will be certainly be a part of it.  This is about soaking out those chemicals and flushing them away.  This is about the immediate relaxation felt in a shower that is magnified at least tenfold in a bath.  This is about saying, “I am done with that day in my life.  I have moved on.  I am brand new, and anything is possible.”

Don’t believe it can happen?  Try a long soak in a bath and see why hours and hours of soaking in the rain creates a whole brand new world with beauty we never thought possible, beauty we never thought could exist.  It’s so old-fashioned, though.  Be careful or some people might think you’ve left this modern-day world behind . . . in the water . . . as it goes down the drain.