Friday, June 19, 2015

June 19, 2015 - The Treacherous Rocky Shore

A great many of the rocky beaches in Maine are pretty much untouched and appear as they have always appeared for thousands, or perhaps millions, of years.  This is because most tourists do not enjoy the rocky shores.  Most people on vacation want to lounge around on a soft and sandy beach.  We do have a few of those in Maine, and I do my best to steer clear of them, except during winter, because there are simply too many people there.  But here among the rocks, I can climb and sit and dream all day long and no one comes by, even when the weather is idyllic.

It’s really rather strange, if you think about it, although I’m not complaining.  Is it that people simply do not see the beauty of a rocky shore with many cliffs and overhangs, or is it that I am the one who fails to realize the beauty and ease of sand and surf?  Since everyone flocks to the sand and no one comes to the rocks, I would assume that the fault lies with me.  And if so, I am guilty as charged--a foolish woman incapable of seeing true beauty.

It certainly keeps you on your toes.

It isn’t easy to pick your way along the cliffs and rocks, so slippery at low tide and so dangerous and high tide.  It takes a lot of muscle, dexterity, and experience.  Rogue waves are always a possibility, but life among the rocks has never been easy.  I can’t imagine a beach any other way.  Miles and miles and miles of sand and sun and sand and sun . . .  No rocks among which to shelter when the wind becomes too harsh?  No hardened overhangs to protect against the glaring sun?  And people think sandy beaches are gentle and easy on the body?

Give me the craggy cliffs and treacherous rocks any day of the year.  Again, the fault lies with me and I am guilty as charged.

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