Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015 - A Terrible Duel

There was a terrible duel.  It took place in the skies--in the heavens, in those places where mortal man cannot tread and return to tell the tale.  There were flashes and booms and terrifying screams.  The two opponents were well muscled and very well matched, each a skilled master.  The fight ranged all over, from low valleys to high peaks.  Each opponent fought with bravery and talent and honor, and each greatly admired the other for his expertise, although that did not stop him from attempting to destroy the other.

In the end, the two masters completely spent and exhausted, they each went to their own secure lands.  Each had gained new ground, new territory.  Each planted a flag on areas that the other held just days ago.  For now, the Sun King reigns supreme.  His power is massive.  But there are tales from the north, whispers, secrets told in dark places--even in these days of golden light--that the other master will return with unparalleled strength and unleash a formidable army.

It’s a lie.  But there are rumors . . .

The emblem of the Sun King.

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