Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11, 2015 - I am Icarus

The heat has hit us in a bad way, and all eyes turn to the shore for relief.  I am sure that 83 degrees might not seem hot to some people, but for me it is stifling and painful.  All outdoor work must be done in the very early morning or in the evening.  I wouldn’t dare to approach the Sun King directly at this time of year.  Although he is known for his benevolence, he can be overpowering at times.  An archetype cannot choose his behavior.

But I am Icarus today, and I can choose my behavior.  Daedalus has warned me repeatedly not to fly too low or too high.  The dampness of the sea will clog my wings if I fly too low, and the scorching heat of the sun will melt them if I fly too high.  Moderation is the key to the warnings of Daedalus.  Fly too low with a lack of confidence, and you will be drowned.  Fly too high with hubris and an overestimation of your abilities, and you will be burned.  The Sun King approves of neither extreme but can only punish you with one.

It’s a tightrope we all walk.  Drowning at sea is easier to discern and can usually be remedied in time.  But flying high?  Who can resist soaring in the brilliance, even though only momentarily?  I’ll take my chances.

Fly to the heavens?

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