Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015 - Steal The Tree


Like a thief in the night
the water rises to steal the tree.
Slippery fingers pulling and coaxing
now grabbing and thrashing
now caressing and kissing
but always furtive
always stealing.

Sleight of hand with smoke and mirrors.
The water paints the tree
to hide its origin from prying eyes.
I have always held the tree.
I have always known the tree.
It was always mine.
The water lies.

I never wanted it, never liked it
never needed or cared for it
never desired it.
I never coveted its hardened form
never thought to steal the hidden sun
stored tightly within its limbs.
The water lies.

It was never my plan to drink
to sate, to glut upon the locked energy.
I never schemed to drain its life.
I thought only to place a kiss
upon the boughs of land’s lover
a token of my affection.
The water lies.

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