Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015 - Wanderlust

Do you have wanderlust?  I do; but not for ranging around the world to exotic places.  My wanderlust sends me off to lonely places, to places others might shun.  I see a small craft on the shore, and I can barely resist the urge to hop in and just . . . go.  Where would I go, you ask?  It doesn’t matter.  The destination is not important.  The journey is everything.

Every journey starts with the first step.

Sometimes I look out into a lonely field with nothing and no one around for miles and miles.  Dark woods are in the background and looking very threatening.  Or perhaps it's a lonely mountain in the distance.  Then the overwhelming thought comes into my head:  Start walking and keep walking.  Don’t look back.  Just walk until you can’t walk any further.  Dangerous thoughts.  If I couldn’t walk any further, how would I get back?  What would I do out in the middle of nowhere?  And by the time I got there, wouldn’t it be cold and dark and lonely, and wouldn’t I be hungry?  Those are the sane ideas that rein me in every time, but I’m not sure how long they’re going to win this battle.

It’s a foolish thing, I know.  There always seems to be something just beyond the horizon, just beyond my range of vision . . . if I could only reach it.

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