Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015 - Star Wish

The sun was so impossibly bright today, far too bright to adore.  He never knows just how overpowering he can be.  But the waves . . . the blue waves were unfazed by the dazzling brilliance of the Sun King, and they danced and sparkled with the reflection of millions upon millions of stars.  It was as though the waves were taunting the heavens and saying, “Ha!  Only one star, then?” while they gleamed with an endless abundance.  I felt as if I were looking into the night sky, and I found myself searching for constellations.

It reminded me to tell you that you must search for stars as often as you can, and you must keep wishing on them.  You must never stop wishing.  Somewhere very, very far away, there is another person just like you, and that person is looking into the night sky to make a wish upon a special star.  Should he find the star that circles your own planet at the same time you find the star that circles his planet, then surely the wish has to come true.

An ocean of stars.

Wishes are hopes, dreams, secret desires, and fervent needs.  Some people say it’s foolish to make a wish upon a star because it places the power outside of yourself, but I say that’s nonsense.  There is power within you, but there is certainly power without as well.  Wishing on a star reinforces your secret desire and acknowledges that there is always the element of the unknown, that not everything can be planned.

You are significant.  You are a brilliant star.  Do shine.

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