Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 8, 2015 - Fairy Clothes

It’s in the fog when you can see them the most.  That’s when they’re most comfortable in our world because they think they can’t be seen.  They’re used to dwelling within their own self-created mists.  In fact, that’s how they travel from one world to the next--through the mists.  So when a great fog descends upon the shore, they are in their natural habitat.

I chanced upon some fairy clothes hanging out on a fairy line.  I knew at once it belonged to them because the line was not hung straight.  Fairies usually avoid straight lines whenever possible as that is a manmade idea, and no self-respecting fairy would want to be associated with anything as base as a manmade idea.  They have no problem “borrowing” some of our rope, however.

Look out of your windows in the first light of the morning or the last night of the evening.  Better yet, go for a very quiet stroll.  You will be surprised what you see at those times.  There is a lot of activity now.  This is all part of the spring quickening.  More and more of them have come out of their dens now, and the busy season is upon them.  There is much to do before May Day!  Look to the mists.

Fairy clothes upon a line.

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