Saturday, April 4, 2015

April 4, 2015 - Vriksasana

In yoga, there is a pose called “vriksasana” or “tree pose.”  I am not an avid yoga student, but I do try my best and I feel that it is beneficial to my body and mind.  But that tree pose.  Oh, that tree pose.  That pose which seems so simple and is so very, very difficult--at least for me--has always been outside of my grasp.

Until today.  I went to one of my secret spots and found this old tree standing in a natural “tree pose.”  And, really, how else should a tree stand?  Suddenly it made a lot more sense to me.  The tree pose is all about balance, focus, posture, poise, memory, and concentration, and if you practice it regularly, you will gain strength in these areas.  I am a clumsy yoga student, at best, so finding this tree was a real boon to me.

Vriksasana - The tree pose.

There it was, standing still and proud against the gray sky, its needles reaching upward and outward in perfect balance.  It had found its “drishte” (a small, unmoving point just ahead) to gaze upon in order to help with its concentration and balance, and there it stood:  graceful, peaceful, determined.  The wind, the weather, and the birds never broke its concentration and poise, no matter how they tried.  And they tried.

I believe that nature constantly gives us clues about how to live our lives better, if we will only stop and listen.  My focus lately has been on too many episodes from my past, things that cannot be changed but continue to drain me of energy.  My balance and poise have been off because of this.  My memory and concentration have been taxed and strained.  It’s no wonder “tree pose” has been so difficult for me.

There are special golden lockets I keep locked away in my heart.  Each one contains a perfect photo, a poem, a lock of hair, and a tiny piece of my soul.  They are ornate and carved with great skill.  They are beautiful to look upon.  They are precious to me.  But they are locked away for a reason, and that is where they must stay:  locked in the shimmering underworld of my heart.

Onward, then.  Stand tall.  Find your “drishte.”  Let your arms reach to the heavens.  Find once again your balance, strength, and poise.  Be proud.  Let nothing deter you from your expression.

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