Sunday, April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015 - The Androscoggin Is Running

What a difference two weeks can make.  What a difference!  We went from a semi-frozen world to a semi-thawed world.  There’s a difference there, even though the terms toy with one another.  This picture shows the water running freely along a small portion of the Androscoggin River, a place where I like to hide and think.  The name “Androscoggin” is an Abenaki word that means “river of cliff rock shelters,” and I would say it is appropriately named.  Further down near the dam, the water is rushing tremendously!

The Androscoggin used to be a polluted river because of paper mills, but that has changed dramatically and it is once again fresh and clean.  The bass fishing is really good.  Animal life is returning in droves after the long winter, and in listening to the sound of the river as I walk, I hear yet another voice that says, “Spring!”

Goodbye to the ice!

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