Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19, 2015 - Mama Ant

Even tiny ants have questions, sometimes big questions.  With their tiny little ant eyes, they look up into the sky and see the massive connections from the Heavens to the Earth. 

“Where does the great tree go, Mama?” ask the tiny little ants.

“The great tree is alive inside and out,” she replies, “and our tree is but one of countless trees.  Every cell of the great tree is pulsating, twisting, dancing, and singing.  Walk out upon the smooth bark and travel up and up and up to the light.  Feel the mild tremors of the inner workings of the tree.  Listen to the flowing sap.  Hear the tree as she breathes.

Where does the great tree go?

“Travel up and up,” Mama Ant says.  “Feel the power of the sun as it courses downward through the trunk of the great tree into the Earth.  Watch the communion between the sun and the tree as she bursts forth with green leaves, each alive with the juices of life.  Catch the wave of water as the roots pull up and drink thirstily from the sweet Earth and sweat it back into the clouds, cycling and cycling.

“Many creatures travel on the tree with you,” she says.  “All manner of creepy-crawlies, fur children, birds, funguses, and on and on make their home in the tree.  The din of life can be deafening at times.  Come and going, always coming and going.  Amidst it all, the great tree stores tremendous amounts of energy that the sun gives her with every sweet kiss they share.  Pulsing and pulsing, around and around, can you hear the energy flowing in waves, now loud, now soft?  Like a heart beat, like the tide of the ocean washing in and out, the energy pulses through the great tree.

“Travel up to the very top, to the brilliant light, to the Sun King himself,” Mama Ant says.  “The great tree goes to the Source of life itself.  Like an umbilical cord, it brings the Source down to the Earth in a Sacred Marriage, and the wheel of life keeps spinning around and around.  There is only one life in all of the universe.  We cannot create life or destroy it.  We merely continue it, dancing and dancing on the great tree.”

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