Friday, April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015 - Sparkling Secrets

The air was very fresh today, and the wind was cold, as always, but welcome.  There were seagulls and ducks for companions, and the distant familiar sound of clanking bells was everywhere.  I don’t suppose a cellphone, TV, or computer mean much out on this craft, bobbing along in the windy, sparkling waves.  I guess you could drop them overboard and no one would know or care, least of all, me.

The day was brilliant, and everywhere I looked I saw the sparkling acknowledgement of the returning sun.  The land hasn’t yet caught up with the secret that the sea already knows.  The water, after all, is a mirror into the soul of the heavens, and the reflection it provides gives us a glimpse into the joy of eternal consciousness.  In time, the gulls will the spill the secret, as they always do, and the land will reflect the same treasure.

And then, finally, people will see and know that the Sun King has returned.  It’s a process that cannot be rushed.

The sparkling sea carries the secret.

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