Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015 - Jack Frost

The sheets of ice break off into interesting, predictable patterns.  Later they will smash into one another and become jumbled and craggy icebergs, sometimes dangerous and sharp.  But when they first break loose, it is clear that they are being removed in a pattern.  It would suggest that they were also formed in a pattern from the very beginning, but we can’t know that for sure since we do not see the pattern until the ice is undone, never when it’s being done.

There appears to be a perfect mathematics to it all.  Indeed, we know that ice crystals are hexagonal in nature, forming and fitting together into whatever container holds their final shape.  But how is that shape formed and then unformed when the container is just a river and its winding banks, a river that is constantly moving?  Where do the straight lines come from when the ice begins to recede?

There will be a scientific explanation for this, but I think we can all agree that it’s Jack Frost.  As an important minion in the army of the Lord of Winter, it is his job to lay down the ice and then pick it up.  As the artist that he is, it is his job to create the feathery patterns on our windows.  Jack Frost thinks and moves and acts in patterns.  What he has done in the winter, he is now undoing in the spring.  And like any artist, he is being temperamental about it.

Jack Frost was here.

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