Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015 - I Saw The Sun King!

There may still be snow on the banks of the rivers and a few icebergs here and there.  There may be a thin covering of snow still in the woods.  There may be an odd, grotesquely melted, dirty snow mountain here and there.  BUT, the last vestiges of the Lord of Winter are vaporizing and going back to whence they came.  Out of nothing came the snow, and back to nothing it goes.  Where that is, we won’t worry about for another half a year.

Now the strength of the Sun King grows by leaps and bounds.  His hair gleams like spun gold.  His armor sparkles like diamonds.  Once shy and coy and tremulous, now he struts about arrogantly, daring anyone to defy him, challenging every living being, staring down any hint of opposition.  Being a creature of the dark half of the year, I thought I would stand up to him.  I thought I would shake my fist at him and turn my face from his brilliance.  I thought I would meet his challenge and stand firm. 

The Sun King is everywhere now.
But I was wrong.  I was unprepared for how much he had grown in strength.  I was unprepared for the response of the woodland creatures to his command.  I was unprepared for his mesmerizing brilliance.  I found myself falling under his spell.  I found myself deeply enveloped in an intoxicating feeling of warmth and a vision of ease and plenty.  I found myself hypnotized by his incredible beauty.  And I was guilty.

I thought I might follow the receding snow and accompany it to wherever it goes, but it has gone on without me.  I looked away for just a moment to drink in the splendor of the Sun King, and when I looked back, the snow had left.  It is returning to the Lord of Winter, and I can only hope it will forget my transgression.  Somehow, I doubt it.  There is a perfect accounting system in this Universe, after all.

But I saw the Sun King!  So who cares?!  I will pay my debt another time!  (With interest, I am sure.)

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