Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 - Party in the Meadow

Did you know there was a party going on in the meadow today?  I didn’t either.  I usually stick to the coolness of the forest because the sun is too hot for me, and I am more familiar with the creatures of the woods.  But today the Sun reached out his long arms and coaxed me into the meadow.  Everywhere I looked there was blazing, brilliant color!  Millions of insects were flying about.  Bees were buzzing everywhere.  Butterflies were floating and drifting and dancing.  There were hums and whistles with hundreds of things I could identify and just as many that I could not.  There was so much intensity of life occurring everywhere that it took my breath away.

I stayed for a while and filled my eyes up to the brim and beyond.  Eventually, the coolness of the woods called me back.  The Sun was too brilliant and hot.  When I last looked, I saw him dancing with some rye grass.  Back into the woods I went, stumbling at first because my eyes were blinded.  Then the cool moisture crept back over me, and the heady scent of the forest floor enveloped me once again.  I breathed a sigh that was filled at once with relief and loss.  “Moderation,” I whispered to myself.

I looked to the horizon in the west where I knew the sun would set in a slightly different spot each night.  Even now, it was slowly creeping back, but I decided I would say nothing to the frenzied meadow creatures.  Not yet.  Soon there would be time enough for them all to sleep.

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