Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17, 2014 - Portals

Look closely at this photo.  Do you see it?  No?  Look at the edges all around.  Do you see the spacial differentiation of the edges as opposed to the middle?  I never alter photos (mainly because I don't know how).  What do the edges remind you of?  If you thought the word "frame," you are correct because that's exactly what this is.

I was taking some photos of some suspicious-looking mushrooms when I heard an odd sort of sliding/scraping sound behind me.  You know the kind of mushrooms I'm talking about, right?  They line up in an impossible row of mushroom neatness, and as everyone knows, mushrooms are messy fellows even on their best days.  But anyhow, I heard this sound, as I said, and I thought I'd better investigate.  You never can be too careful when you hear odd sounds while viewing suspicious mushrooms.  I decided to keep my camera on and turn around quickly to snap a picture of whatever was there.  I knew there wouldn't be time to focus and think about it

The open portal.

What I got is this picture.  What you (the reader) do not know is that a split second after I snapped the picture, the "frame" that you see snapped shut.  The entire faraway scene had disappeared completely and been replaced by a woods scene instead.  In fact, this very woods scene was what had been there all along--or what I thought had been there all along--while I was photographing the naughty mushrooms.  You can imagine my surprise when I caught this brief portal opening into another world.

There are two things I am wondering.  The first is, what slipped into my world while the fairies were distracting me?  (Confound those fairies!)  Second, if nothing slipped into my world, did I accidentally slip into their world?  (Again, confound them!)  You see my dilemma now and the treachery I am dealing with on a daily basis.  If I don't soon find an ally among them, I fear I will not be long for this dimension.

The closed portal.

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