Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014 - The Maiden of the Mist

She followed me again.  I took a secret walk down to the pond very early this morning, and I could feel her following me.  Not a soul knew of my departure, but somehow she followed just the same.  Every so often, I would turn quickly to look and see if I could catch her, but she was always faster than me.  I could hear her soft footsteps, and the wind that blew against my face told me she was watching.  I gave up trying to catch a glimpse of her since I know it's pointless anyhow.  I made it down to the pond and almost slipped in by accident, but something righted my stance at the last moment. 

When I looked across the pond, the mist fell heavily and blurred my vision, as it always does when she is there.  I couldn't tell where I was as space and time seemed to be at a standstill.  I could sense that gates were opening and closing all around me, gates to other worlds.  And I knew if I walked into the mist, I would pass through one of these gates.  Vibrations and energies came and went while I stood still, staring into the mist.  I knew she was there, right there in the mist.  And I knew she was staring back.  She was waiting for me.  One day, the mist will come and I will not hesitate.  I will go into it.

The Maiden of the mist.

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