Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014 - Sun Worship

Turn your face up toward the sun, and put your hands out.  Breathe in the energy, the source of all life in this solar system.  Let it flow through your out-turned hands into your whole body.  Close your eyes and imagine brilliant golden energy that enters through your hands with every deep breath you take.  It fills your entire body with golden light.  You hold it for one second and then exhale it, exhaling any darkness and old matter that needs to go.  Then you repeat.  I promise if you do this, if only for a few breaths whenever you can, you will feel a difference in the lightness and energy of your own body.

I am reminded of carvings in the tombs and pyramids of the ancient Egyptians.  The people always faced the sun and placed their hands out toward it, and the sun in turn sent its beams of energy to them.  They were in a receiving/communing position.  I believe this and I believe it works, for I have done it myself.  Although I am not one who can stay in the sun long, even a few breaths in full sunlight can change everything.  The flowers tell me about this daily.  They turn their faces up and stretch their petals outward, and the sun fills them with eternity.

Flowers worshiping the sun.

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