Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014 - The Sun's Command

Whereas yesterday was rainy, dark, and introspective, today is brilliant and warm.  The sun shines brightly on the ocean as the tide comes in, and it reflects off the water like a million diamonds.  The brilliance pierces everything with razor-sharp intensity.  The shadows that were all about me yesterday are driven forth by the sheer intensity of the Sun, who will tolerate no darkness.  "All is exposed," the Sun boomed loudly, "and there will be no place to hide, for I require absolute loyalty!  Show yourself!"  I nodded readily and agreed, and secretly--ever so secretly--I kept the vision of the moon and the darkness and the coolness hidden in a tiny black pouch in my mind.  I knew the day would come again when I would need the solace of the shadows.  One cannot gaze too long at perfection.

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